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Critical Race Theory threatens to tear the United States apart.

‘Woke’ ideas on university campuses once considered absurd have spilled out into the American mainstream. Government agencies, corporate HR departments – even the Pentagon – are in thrall to a radical Left-wing ideology.

So, what exactly is Critical Race Theory, and how can we counter it?

Critical Race Theory (or CRT) is a branch of Marxist ideology.  The world, according to Karl Marx, was divided between bourgeoise capitalists and workers, with the former ruthlessly exploiting the latter. The world’s ills, Marx’s followers suggested, would be resolved once the latter seized power from the former. Except, of course, far from creating a workers’ paradise, Marxism killed tens of millions.

CRT adopts the Marxist mindset, but instead of seeing the world as being divided into a hierarchy of class, sees it as being about race.

Critical Race Theory encourages Americans to obsess about race and search for slights, rather than civility. America was founded on the idea that each individual possesses ‘inalienable rights. The new Marxists prefer us to define ourselves according to immutable characteristics.

The United States has long been governed by the principle of equality before the law. The new Marxists want equity instead – or equal outcomes. They talk of ‘diversity,’ yet cancel anyone that refuses to subscribe to their dreary outlook.

The new Marxists teach young Americans that the United States is built on hatred and racism. In which case, why do folk from every country, culture, and continent want to come here?

What is to be done?

First, we need to recognize that this new Marxism is a threat to the US, like the old version.

We need to be prepared to confront CRT head-on.  Here at the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, we are campaigning to win the hearts and minds of the younger generation. We produce and distribute videos, like this one by Hunter Estes, viewed by thousands. Each year we reach tens of thousands of young Americans.

Funded almost entirely by private donations, we help teach the rising generation of Mississippians to be proud of America, to appreciate our past, and to value the Constitutional idea of limited government. The new Marxists can be beaten!

This July 4th is my first ever in the United States. I am looking forward to celebrating Independence Day because I know how much America is worth celebrating.

Warm Regards,

Douglas Carswell
President & CEO

Ps.  I had a busy time recently taking our message across the state from Greenville to Gulfport and Carthage. This is a battle we can win!  


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