BIPEC releases 2018 Legislator Scorecard – How did your legislators do?

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BIPEC (Business and Industry Political Education Committee) has released its Legislator “Business & Jobs” Report Card for the 2018 legislative session.  The BIPEC Report Card recognizes “Business & Jobs Champions” for their work supporting economic growth, job development, and business-related issues for the legislative session this year.

2018 Legislative Business & Jobs Report Card 

Notably among those receiving A scores was Speaker of the House Philip Gunn, Speaker Pro Tempore Terry Burton and former Republican #MS03 candidate Sally Doty. Those receiving a B rating included Democratic Third District Congressional Candidate Michael Evans, and recently appointed Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson.

The scored votes for the 2018 session included the Bridge Act, the Medicaid Reauthorization Bill, the Bond Bill, changes to the Landlord Tenant Act, and other prioritized business friendly legislation.  BIPEC’s scorecard methodology is clearly listed and their efforts to effectively score legislators goes back to scorecards dating to 2004.

2018 Business & Jobs Champions


  • Kevin Blackwell
  • Jenifer B. Branning
  • Nickey Browning
  • Terry C. Burton
  • Videt Carmichael
  • Joel R. Carter, Jr.
  • Chris Caughman
  • Lydia Graves Chassaniol
  • Eugene S. Clarke
  • Sally Doty
  • Joey Fillingane
  • Josh Harkins
  • Billy Hudson
  • Briggs Hopson, III
  • Dean Kirby
  • Chris Massey
  • Walter Michel
  • Philip Moran
  • David Parker
  • Rita Potts Parks
  • John A. Polk
  • Gray Tollison
  • Neil S. Whaley
  • Brice Wiggins
  • Charles Younger



  • Shane Aguirre
  • William Tracy Arnold
  • Charles Jim Beckett
  • Scott Bounds
  • Randy P. Boyd
  • Charles Busby
  • Larry Byrd
  • Lester Carpenter
  • Gary Chism
  • John Glen Corley
  • Becky Currie
  • Scott DeLano
  • Bill Denny
  • Robert Foster
  • Philip Gunn
  • Jeff Hale
  • Greg Haney
  • Mac Huddleston
  • Bill Kinkade
  • Timmy Ladner
  • Vince Mangold
  • Roun McNeal
  • Nolan Mettetal
  • Sam C. Mims
  • Ken Morgan
  • Bill Pigott
  • Brent Powell
  • Rob Roberson
  • Ray Rogers
  • Randy Rushing
  • Donnie Scoggin
  • Jeffrey C. Smith
  • Brad Touchstone
  • Jerry R. Turner
  • Tom Weathersby
  • Jason White
  • Patricia H. Willis
  • Cory Wilson
  • Henry Zuber, III


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