Mississippi party primaries take place for U.S. Senate and House Districts

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Today, June 5, Mississippi held primaries for one U.S. Senate Seat, the one currently held by Senator Roger Wicker, the other was recently vacated by Sen. Thad Cochran upon his retirement and will go straight to the November election. There are also two Congressional District seats up for grabs with a primary election, The Third and Fourth Districts.

For the the U.S. Senate seat there are contenders in both party primaries. For the Republicans are Senator Roger Wicker the incumbent who is running against Richard Boyanton. On the Democratic ticket are a few more contenders, Rep. David Baria, Rep. Omeria Scott, Howard Sherman of Meridian, Jensen Bohren, Jerone Garland, and Victor G. Maurice Jr. of Gufport.

When it comes to the Congressional races both were fairly tame during the first portion of the campaign season. In the Third District race you have six republicans facing off, Michael Guest, Whit Hughes, Sally Doty, Katherine Tate, Perry Parker, and Morgan Dunn. On the Democrats side are Rep. Michael Evans and Michael Aycox.

The Fourth District race is slightly smaller with incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo facing off against Brian E. Rose a military veteran.

Stay tuned here for updates throughout the day on primary results.


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