MS Supreme Court reaffirms right for enhanced carry in many public facilities

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Last Thursday, June 7, the majority of  Mississippi Supreme Court reaffirmed a former 2011 law that allows enhanced concealed carry holders to carry in a courthouse, except during actual courtroom proceedings.

The law came into question during the 2018 Legislative Session when a bill was offered by then-Representative Andy Gipson, who is now the state’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, that would allow those permit holders to challenge locations that did not allow them to carry on premises in public facilities. This caused quite a stir with SEC Universities in Mississippi that urged lawmakers to kill the bill, with concerns that it would allow permit holders to carry weapons to major sporting events.

The bill eventually did die in the House.

The law was formally contested when judges in the 14th Chancery Court ruled that those same permit holders could not carry in a courthouse and that ruling was contested by a permit holder, Ricky Ward.

However, according to the 2011 law, only legislators are allowed to regulate or prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons. This law was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court of Mississippi.

According to the Clarion Ledger the ruling also included a history lesson about guns given by Justice Leslie King.   King had a different opinion on which branch of government should be responsible for the restriction of guns. It is his belief that the Judicial branch should have more input due to the fact that they are the ones responsible for seeking justice in the state.

You can view the order below: 

Enhanced Concealed Carry by yallpolitics on Scribd


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