MSGOP comments on the retiring of the Mississippi state flag

by | Aug 4, 2020 | MS GOP | 0 comments

JACKSON—The Mississippi Republican Party issues the following statement regarding the retiring of the Mississippi state flag:

“Ultimately, today is not a day that erases history but a day that faces it and writes its next chapter,” Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Lucien Smith said. “It is a day to find joy in unity and goodwill and to reflect on how far our state has come and where we, as Mississippians together, wish it to go.

“This was an organic change from inside Mississippi, led by Mississippi elected officials. We should be proud of that, regardless of whether outside voices praise or slander our effort. Governor Reeves, Lieutenant Governor Hosemann and Speaker Gunn are to be commended for their leadership.

“We now have a unique opportunity, during a time of unrest in other parts of the country, to do what Mississippians have always done best—come together during times of trial to reach upward and step forward together.”



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